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Guide To Online Casinos Of New Zealand

The legal status of online casinos in New Zealand

To start of our online casino guide, we take a look at the legal status of online casinos in New Zealand. Players can not prosecute as it is illegal to make their games. But, players willing to play can engage with foreign online casinos stated by the Department of the Internal Affairs. It is said that casino gambling is allowed, whereas online operating sites within the country is not.

Government Lotteries and monopolies

According to Gambling Act, all forms of remote interactive gambling are illegal. Only a few exceptions are authorised games offered by the Lottery Commission or the Racing Board. But, none of these sites is online casinos. It is only for sports betting online platforms and lottery monopolies. We can understand that the exceptions are only their state-owned monopolies and not private online gambling companies. It might be the case where they don’t like competition.

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Playing Foreign online casinos is legal.

According to the Department of Internal Affairs, the citizens of New Zealand can play foreign online casinos and land-based casinos as they are legal. Still, they are not permitted to play or operate sites within the country. There are specific legal reasons for this act, and the laws will only applying within New Zealand, which is known as ‘jurisdiction’ in legalese.

Does this apply to tourists visiting New Zealand?

No, this law doesn’t apply to tourists, just like many countries. It only applies to citizens and permanent residents. You can play online casinos while enjoying your vacation without any restrictions. If you are interested in playing while visiting, check out our list of the best online casinos New Zealand.

Taxation of gambling winnings

According to the Income Tax Act, only professional poker players and full-time players, at least, in theory, must pay tax. There is no actual enforcement because the government doesn’t know who a full-time poker player is or a professional. So, gambling winnings can be considered as “not taxed.”


Age limit for online casinos

It is said that the players must be at least 18 years of age, but in reality, there is no restriction because it is not legalised. There might be no casino sites anywhere in the world which accepts players below 18 years. The age restriction for land-based casinos is 20+.

Online casinos accept New Zealand Players.

Many gambling websites accept New Zealand Players and are accessible from within the country. Some websites can block the players for no reason or won’t accept players from New Zealand. Some websites can help you get thorough and play games on those websites again safely.

Primary online casino gambling legislation

  • New Zealand Legislation-Gambling Act 2003
  • Department of Internal Affairs of Australia-Remote Interactive Gambling and the Gambling Act 2003
  • New Zealand Legislation-Income Tax Act
  • Prohibited Gambling (The Department of Internal Affairs)
  • Online Poker Tax, a shady area

Online Casino Guide

Best sites that allow New Zealand players

  • RichPrize Casino
  • GT Bets Casino and Sportsbook
  • Bet on Online Casino and Sports Book
  • Betsson Casino and Sports Book