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Different Types Of Payment Methods In The Casinos


Every online casino platform needs to have enough payment options to provide to an international player base. Today, the best platforms have over 40 different payment methods, so everybody can find some means of depositing and withdrawing money while maintaining a secure gateway. Here are some of the most used payment methods that you can use to carry out transactions while playing online.

Credit and debit cards

The most common means of making quick deposits on any online platform today are credit and debit cards. It is a popular payment method in Europe and the US. The benefit of using credit/debit cards is the ease of access. However, several banks giving credit cards may not accept gambling payments. Make sure that your bank has a policy for gambling transactions, so you can use your cards safely.



E-wallets are widely popular among users who want to make transactions through their mobile devices. Some of the popular e-wallets include Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard. The only downside of e-wallets is the transaction fee that they may charge for the transactions. Apart from that, e-wallets can also provide several other exclusive bonuses like cashback and gift cards on carrying out transactions online.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards or vouchers can be a smart way to make online transactions without giving away your bank account or card information. Since this payment method adds an additional level of security with minimal fees, it is preferred by players that cannot use their bank cards directly for gambling transactions.

Bank wire transfers

The online gaming platforms today also accept wire transfers among all the payment options they provide. This method can provide a safe transaction for the online casinos due to the strict requirements of the banks. Bank transfers require KYC procedures that allow players to prevent money laundering. This method is not the fastest but is still popular in countries where quicker payment methods are still not widely available.

Instant bank transfers

Instant bank transfers

This type of money transaction is different from the conventional bank wire transfers when it comes to the time taken for the transactions. One of the most popular types of instant bank transfers is used for sports betting in Europe. “Trustly” provides funds straight from your bank to the online casino platform, becoming the middleman for the transactions. It also ensures that your transactions are protected from fraud and misuse.


One of the latest payment methods in casino portals is a cryptocurrency, which can guarantee the best security while keeping player information private. Bitcoin wallets can be used anonymously for playing at casinos, even from the regions where the central banks and gambling authorities have blocked all the other payment methods to the gambling sites.