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5 Things You Should Know About The Security In Casinos


Casino security is one of the most active and tech-equipped securities that you can find in a commercial organization. They are secretive in their operations and also have a high success rate of monitoring the players and catching the criminals. If you think your plan to manipulate the games or to steal from the casino can work, you better pray that the security does not take any drastic action when you get caught. In any case, the security will have a better chance of catching you with enough evidence caught in the cameras to convict you for the crime. Sooner or later, the security will catch up. Here is what you should know about casino security.

Casino security cannot arrest you

Unless the casino is under a jurisdiction that allows the security guards to arrest the accused, the security cannot hold you in their custody. If you commit a crime, the security can only detain you until the police arrive. If the security thinks you are disrupting their guests or are trying to manipulate the games, they will ask you to leave the casino. If you refuse, they have legal rights to trespassing.

Casino security

Casinos exchange information

If you get caught counting cards in a casino, you will get banned from the gaming floors for years. Moreover, the casinos will share your information with other casinos. Getting caught while cheating can have you arrested, but it will only last for some time. If you think you will be back after you are released to enter a casino, chances are every casino already knows your face and will stop you at the entrance.

Casinos use advanced machine learning

Casinos use advanced machine learning

Systems Research & Development provides software to casinos that help them identify relationships between the dealers and gamblers. Over the 15 years, casinos have been implementing machine learning in their operations to automate the processes that will no longer require consistent monitoring from the staff members.

Casinos do not confront armed robbers

Casinos are very adamant while compromising on the security of their guests. The safety of employees and customers come first. If a gang of robbers enter a casino with weapons, the casino security will do everything to protect the people inside the casino. They will find a non-violent way to control the situation and avoid causing any panic. At the same time, they will be recording everything to hand over the evidence to the police.

Casinos do not confront armed robbers

Casino securities learn from each other

There are academic and commercial security training programs available in the gaming industry where the casino staff can learn ways to protect their property and themselves. If a criminal incident occurs in a casino, it is recorded and analyzed to be shared in the training classes. The security officers and managers will learn from these meetings to think quick if a similar situation occurs in their casinos.

Different Types Of Payment Methods In The Casinos


Every online casino platform needs to have enough payment options to provide to an international player base. Today, the best platforms have over 40 different payment methods, so everybody can find some means of depositing and withdrawing money while maintaining a secure gateway. Here are some of the most used payment methods that you can use to carry out transactions while playing online.

Credit and debit cards

The most common means of making quick deposits on any online platform today are credit and debit cards. It is a popular payment method in Europe and the US. The benefit of using credit/debit cards is the ease of access. However, several banks giving credit cards may not accept gambling payments. Make sure that your bank has a policy for gambling transactions, so you can use your cards safely.



E-wallets are widely popular among users who want to make transactions through their mobile devices. Some of the popular e-wallets include Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard. The only downside of e-wallets is the transaction fee that they may charge for the transactions. Apart from that, e-wallets can also provide several other exclusive bonuses like cashback and gift cards on carrying out transactions online.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards or vouchers can be a smart way to make online transactions without giving away your bank account or card information. Since this payment method adds an additional level of security with minimal fees, it is preferred by players that cannot use their bank cards directly for gambling transactions.

Bank wire transfers

The online gaming platforms today also accept wire transfers among all the payment options they provide. This method can provide a safe transaction for the online casinos due to the strict requirements of the banks. Bank transfers require KYC procedures that allow players to prevent money laundering. This method is not the fastest but is still popular in countries where quicker payment methods are still not widely available.

Instant bank transfers

Instant bank transfers

This type of money transaction is different from the conventional bank wire transfers when it comes to the time taken for the transactions. One of the most popular types of instant bank transfers is used for sports betting in Europe. “Trustly” provides funds straight from your bank to the online casino platform, becoming the middleman for the transactions. It also ensures that your transactions are protected from fraud and misuse.


One of the latest payment methods in casino portals is a cryptocurrency, which can guarantee the best security while keeping player information private. Bitcoin wallets can be used anonymously for playing at casinos, even from the regions where the central banks and gambling authorities have blocked all the other payment methods to the gambling sites.

The Safest Payment Methods For Online Casino

Online Casino

Safety is a cause of concern for many New Zealanders who want to gamble on the Internet. Although online casino websites have excellent security measures in place, the risk of losing money due to hackers is still not entirely eliminated. Hence, when you want to deposit or make withdrawals in the online casino where you play, make sure to go for these payment methods:

E-Wallet Options

When you start gambling on an online casino website, you need to make quick deposits and withdrawals to not lose out on all the gambling action. By going for the E-wallet options, you can make your payments or deposits with short and sweet processing times and with absolutely no fees involved. You may also get some great bonuses from the online casino website.

As E-wallets are third-party virtual accounts, you can be assured of better safety and protection. Most New Zealanders prefer Paypal and Skrill. If you are interested in availing of some specific bonuses, make sure to read the policy on the website for them and see whether you can get these bonuses if you use an E-wallet option.

E-Wallet Options

Cryptocurrency Options

There is a rising trend of online casino websites accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Using cryptocurrency for your deposits and withdrawals will effectively armor yourself against all data privacy and security invasions. You will save lots of costs as well. There is 100% anonymity in the process, and this characteristic feature of cryptocurrency has its upside and downside.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

If you struggle with money management or tend to go overboard and take huge risks in your gambling, make sure to go for this option. A prepaid card will give you access to only a specific amount of funds.
It is undoubtedly a very safe option in every way. All the payments will be quick and anonymous. However, remember that you will need to use a different payment platform for cashing out your winnings.

Prepaid Cards

Debit and Credit Cards

You are not likely to find an online casino that doesn’t have this classic payment method. Make sure that the online casino website provides data encryption before you choose this method. With encryption, all the personal information and card details that you enter will be protected.

Many Kiwis prefer this method as the card companies always provide customer protection services if something goes wrong. However, the only downside to this method is that you may be charged a certain amount of fees for all your deposits and withdrawals.

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

It is reported that there has been a rise in the number of people gambling on their phones. This is because smartphones provide a great deal of convenience and ease of use. Another big reason why many Kiwis like to gamble on phones is because of the convenience provided by mobile payments. You don’t have to enter any card details. You will simply be charged on your phone bills, and you can easily top up your funds when needed.

Security Challenges That Casinos Face Every Day

Every casino deals with a massive amount of money on a daily basis on the tables, the cash counters, and at the bars & restaurants. Casinos have a busy atmosphere where the tourists, regular visitors, and staff members are always occupied with something to do. While we may think that there is nothing more to a casino operation than having casino tables and slot machines around the premises, there is a lot more going on in the back-end of the casino operation.

Casinos invest in the best security systems and hire the most reliable people who safeguard the guests, employees, and assets. The staff inside the casinos are hired and promoted based on the trust factor that they build during their career working for the casino. Accomplishing security that can take care of all the guests while maintaining the best protection around the games is not easy. Security needs to stay attentive 24/7 and face a number of challenges that are mentioned below. These challenges increase with the growth of the casino and will require additional measures every time the casino upgrades its games, gaming floor, and services.

Space and volume

Space and volume

The security cameras are always active, looking over all the guests at the tables and around the casino. However, managing these issues can sometimes be a daunting process as the crowd can sometimes take over the camera sight. The large and open environments can get tough to monitor with individuals surrounding the tables and entrances.

Regulations adherence

Every casino today requires data storage that can maintain the integrity of the operations that take place at every table on a daily basis. The gaming industry requires to have a record for every game that is played in a day every day. This adds additional complexity for the security to look over the games and monitor the situation at all times.

Theft and fraud

Regulations adherence

Understand that all the illegal activities that can trouble the security of a casino can get severely punished. Theft and fraud can take you to jail and even ban you from all the casinos forever. There will always be people with bad intentions to commit fraud or theft at the casinos in new ways. This becomes a challenge for the security to identify such suspicious activities and bring the theft and vandalism to justice.

Evidence gathering

Evidence gathering

Since most security teams are led by experts who have to spend a decent amount of their careers in casinos, security makes it evident that an incident has occurred. But since the suspect may try to bury the evidence as soon as possible, the security needs to be quick to respond and investigate. The security systems in the casinos monitor the environment in real-time and also retrospectively. Upgrading the security systems for having the best evidence at the time of catching the accused is still one of the challenges faced by casino security.

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